What we do

Jadrošped is the international forwarding company at the service of its clients, supplying or shipping goods through the port of Rijeka, as well as at the service of clients for which we organize different types of transport (rail, road, maritime) so that the goods would arrive on the scheduled time in the scheduled place.

Within its activities the company Jadrošped offers following services:

  • Forwarding goods from homeland to foreign countries (export freight transport)
  • Supplying goods from foreign countries to homeland (import freight transport )
  • Transporting goods through the foreign commitments to homeland (transport or transit shipping)
  • Entering into contracts related to transport, loading, unloading, sorting, packing, warehousing and insuring goods
  • Organizing transport with different kinds of transport means
  • Customs representation – representing and performing customs related works concerning clearance of goods (we are underlining the clearance of two Liebherr 80 ton cranes for the port of Rijeka)
  • Obtaining various certificates for the inspection services
  • Rail transport

We offer competitive prices of the rail freight fees on the international and domestic routes, considering the fact that we have direct contract with the Croatian and Hungarian railways and contracts with the numerous business partners in the area of Slovenia, Serbia, Austria, Chech Republic and Poland.

  • Calculation of transport costs and offer submission, determining transport route and tariffs
  • Mediation in negotiating of enclosed ship spaces for the container equipment (taking into consideration that we have contracts and cooperate with all respectable container ships using Rijeka route).
  • We have the chartering department, which is performing maritime goods transportation with standard ships, primarily in the countries of North Africa, as well for all other countries worldwide.

The company Jadrošped was in its early stages primarily related to the work with wood and wooden products, but throughout the years, the company has specialized in numerous types of general cargo, as follows:

  • Ironmongery, rails and cast iron waste
  • Bulk cereals in manipulation through the silos of the Port of Rijeka
  • Granite blocks
  • Cement
  • Bulk road salt
  • Machinery, parts of machinery and equipment
  • Project cargo
  • Bulk iron ore and carbon

Container operations are contemporary form of transport, with the tendency of continuous growth, and Jadrošped can commend itself with the large number of manipulated containers. We handle containers in the process of export, passing through, export with the different types of goods, but also, we are organizing container loading in the warehouses of Port of Rijeka or container terminal. Within the container business operations, we are mediating in booking enclosed ship spaces for the large number of containers.